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Around & About Aberdeen

Around & About Aberdeen

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Painting with a Twist!​

Savannah Jack Showtime Concert

The Lynn Alumni Concert- Click here to Submit Your Lottery Form 


“Commitment is that turning point in your life when you seize the moment to alter your destiny”.  “Commitment is also what transforms a promise into a reality”.  These quotes from Dennis Waitley and Abe Lincoln respectively ring true with your Board of Directors and Management as autumn is upon us, our snowbirds return and we ready for a new season, a new beginning.

These past 18 months we have been primarily committed to the health and safety of our members and staff members alike.  We have been committed to offering as many services as we could, mindful of all the obstacles the pandemic placed upon us, and adjusting with the changing concerns.  When faced with the need of a new G.M./C.O.O, we were committed to finding the best candidate possible and believe we accomplished our goal when Jeff Riegler was selected to fill that role.  More recently, we began to fulfill a commitment to bring our food and beverage program to the level you deserve by the hiring of Josh Giro as our new executive chef.  This was the first step, not the last step in improving that department.

So, as the weather begins to cool, our activities will begin to heat up.  Tennis and pickle ball leagues are underway, our men’s and woman’s golf association events have ramped up, and thanks to our activities and entertainment committees, show time concerts and the traditional Halloween dinner dance will once again be offered.  And, as we anxiously await the arrival of our H2B staff members, we are committed to a full calendar of events, increased hours for the SSL and dining and a year dominated not by COVID, but a year that will return all aspects of “The Good Life” we want and deserve. 
Below is the Monthly Statistics Report:

     A)  This past month we closed on 7 homes.  During the same month last year, we closed on 15 homes. Of the 7 sellers, 3 sellers were Current Members, 1 seller was a Resigned Member, 1 seller was a Non-member, and 2 sellers were Transfers. Year to date we have sold 132 homes versus 73 year to date last year. 

     B)  We currently have 256 Golf memberships, 49 Tennis memberships and 747 Social memberships.  Included in the 256 Golf memberships are 48 Non-Resident memberships.  Please keep in mind that the 1,052 total memberships account for over 1,700 individuals as a membership may have 1 or 2 persons included.

     C)  We currently have 30 memberships participating in the Baby Boomer Program, 11 memberships in the Lessee Program (with 9 using the assigned member privileges and 2 using upgraded privileges), and 19 memberships utilizing our Friends and Family Program.

     D)  Thru September, we have collected $435,500 in Initiation Fees, $2,960,500 in Membership Application Fees and $652,250 in gained Equity Fees.  It is important to remember that these fees are used to jointly finance and self-fund four major capital projects (common area landscaping, golf course, tennis, and clubhouse refurbishments). These fees are also used to pay off our loans and, in conjunction with your capital contributions, to maintain the Club’s major assets and reserve funds for future facility needs.

Finally, whenever you may have a question, suggestion, or concern, please feel free to contact myself or the Board of Directors through our email address ( The next scheduled Board meeting is November 11, 2021. If you have questions for the Board, please send those inquiries to the Board at our email address.

Best Regards,

 David Hollander

Welcome to our New Members!

Ronald & Cynthia Kleiman- Brittany Lakes
Valentino & Eutilde Finamore- Canterbury
Larry & Jaruwan Bivona- Sheffield


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  • Black Vs. Gold Match Play

October 12th, 2021
2 BB of 4 Stroke Play Event

1st Place 142
Stephanie Levine
Jackie Spoon
Bobbie Ritchie
Iris Horwitz
2nd Place 144
Roz Kantor
Ilene Lonker
Ann Cooper
Marilyn Weiner
*Denotes Won Scorecard Playoff

October 13th, 2021
2 BB of 4

1st Place 134*
Norm Koenigsberg
Bernie Bloomfield
Roy Hanover
Leonard Cutugno
2nd Place 134
Jim McArdle
Jerry Green
Larry Winter
Danny Spandau
3rd Place 139
Donald Pavlek
Robert Rothman
Jerry Haber

Black Vs. Gold Match Play Results

The Black Team won with a Total Team Score of 30 ½ points to the Gold Team’s 29 ½ points.

Black Team Participants:
Sean Maynard
Mitch Hantman
Jim Stephens
Bernie Bloomfield
Mike Lonker
Walt Doyle
Paul Nagao
Neil Butwin
Seymour Levy
Bo Weiner
Larry Winter
Jay Levine
Paul Zablow
Chris Ferris
Andrew Edson
Ruth Rabinowitz
Jackie Spoon
Roz Kantor
Cheryl Ferris
Stephanie Levine
Lori Rattner


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