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Special Programs

Baby Boomer Incentive

This program is designed to attract NEW golf and tennis equity members to Aberdeen & Country Club and is available for all NEW Club homebuyers. The discount reduces the annual dues of membership on a sliding scale over a number of years and is available to those under the age of 65. Learn more.


Friends & Family Program

This program permits a single member to team up with any unmarried non-resident individual, with the stipulation that the membership is upgraded to family from single. This program provides the nonresident with the same privileges and obligations as would apply to the spouse of a member in his or her membership category. This program also allows an Aberdeen resident single member to team up with any unmarried Aberdeen resident nonmember that resides in a separate dwelling. Essentially, an Aberdeen resident single member may team up with any unmarried nonmember, whether or not that person resides in Aberdeen. Learn More. 


Try Golf & Try Tennis

Try Golf & Try Tennis Policy & Procedures Become a Golf or Tennis member for one (1) year by paying the dues, capital contribution and fees, without paying the “equity for golf ($20,000) , or equity for tennis ($10,000). This Try Golf and Try Tennis Program offers people the opportunity to find the best program at Aberdeen that fits their lifestyle. Members subscribing to this limited offer, will have all of the privileges of the category selected, upon payment of the dues, monthly capital contributions and fees. Members may upgrade at any time during the club’s fiscal year by paying prorata dues, capital, etc. Keep in mind that the Try Golf and Try Tennis programs are effective only for the balance of the club’s year and not a 12 month period from the time of upgrade.